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"Students Win Big at Japan Bowl Competition in Washington"
"Student Wins Invite To Visit President Obama"
"Fowler Park Community Safety Meeting"
"San Jose Police Chief"
"State of Santa Clara County Address"
"San Jose, State of The City Address"
"Candidate Forum"
"Leland High School Speech and Debate"
"New After Hours Healthcare Facility Open In Evergreen"
"Young Ranch Development Goes Before Planning Commission"
"Local Student Knows How To Dazzle and Inspire"
"Casino M8Trix Interview"
"Silicon Valley Engineering Hall of Fame"
"Recent Pulitzer Prize Finalist From Evergreen"
"Living Her Dream" (Interview with a Ballet San Jose Ballerina)
"Lions, Tigers and Bobcats"
"Candidate Interview for Political Ad"
"Biography" sample (research/family interviews)
"Caregiving Tips - The Guilty You"
"Caregiving Tips - The Mental You"
"Caregiving Tips - The Physical You"
"Hanging Up the Keys"
"I've Just Been Diagnosed - Can I Still Work?"
"Staying Independent - Help Me Help Myself"
"Summer Travel - Structure Vs. Spontaneity"
"Long Distance Caregiving - Keeping Involved & Planning Visits"
"Visiting the Doctor With Your Loved One"
"Helping Loved Ones Manage Medications"
"Family Dynamics - Facing a New Normal Together"
"Complementary Therapies"
"Life in a Sandwich"
"Alzheimer's Caregiving - There's an App For That"
"Talking to Kids About Alzheimer's Disease"
"Preserving Memories"
"Helping Alzheimer's Families...Survive The Holidays"
Protect Your Loved One From Scam Artists"
"Adult Day Health - A Healthy Choice for the Entire Family"
"Medication Management"
Blog on Restless Legs Syndrome
Blog on Child Suffering From PTSD
Blog on Anxiety
Blog on Buying a Weighted Blanket
Health and Wellness Blog on Asparagus
Ghost blog for business consultant
Ghost blog for parenting site (Herbal Incense)
Ghost blog for water conservation news site
Ghost blog (graffiti) for environmental news site
"Frys.com Open - CordeValle Resort" - Advertising copy
"Hired to Haunt" - PR article, October 2015
"Holiday Skincare Promotion - Email" 2015
"Gluten Product Promotion - Email" 2015
"Toxic Skincare - Email" 2015
"Palo Alto" - Advertising copy
"Give The Gift Of Health" - Promotional copy
"Golden Hat Foundation - Walk for Autism" - Press release
"Saratoga" - Advertising copy
"Great America - Halloween Haunt 2014"
"Best Golf Pairings Ever" - Advertising copy
"Alzheimer's Association Caregiver Corner" article published in hard- copy Fall 2013 newsletter
"D'Vine Wine" - Advertising copy
"ABC Technology Camp" - Ad/Press release
"eZine Promo for a Health & Wellness Telesummit"
"A Non-drug Therapy for Self-Calming, Relief & Comfort". Published in "Something Special Magazine", Fall 2013
"ABC Technology Camp" - Sample email blast
"Restless Legs Remedies" - SEO/Press release
"Natural Sleep Aid May Ease Adult & Teen Sleep Disorders" -SEO/Press release
"Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder" - SEO/Press release
"Family Adventure" - Advertising copy
"Great America/Roller Coaster" - Advertising copy
"Wine Escapes" - Advertising copy
"In a Divorce, Who Gets Custody of The Friends?"
"No More Photo Albums"
"The Vision-ary Reason Why I Carry A Big Purse"
"The Smells of Parenthood"
"The Male Frontal Cortex, A Terrible Disease Comes to Light"
"Rectangular Salmon"
"Five Years After Losing My Mom"
"Weighty Matters"
"Have Christmas Cards Become Obsoleted (Too)?"
"Living a Re-use Life in a Disposable World"
"Men-o-Pause, the Real Story"
"Funerals, the New Social Gathering Place for Boomers?"
"Cyberspace Love"
"Facebook - Where My Worlds Collide"
"Female Forever Friends"
"Life Before the Internet and Starbucks"
"RIP - The Virtual Me"
"Hair Here, Hair Where?"
"When The World Was Only as Large as My Golden Book Set"
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