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"Weighted Blanket Buying Guide"
posted Dec 6, 2013, on Mosaic Weighted Blankets Blog
Should You Buy A Weighted Blanket for a Christmas or Holiday Gift?

Worldwide homoeopathic market is focusing now on weighted blankets, should you buy one for someone for Christmas or holiday gift?
From the US, to Canada, down under and beyond to England, Mosaic Weighted Blankets has exploded with blanket orders from all over the US and internationally. Have you ever considered ordering a weighted blanket for someone as a holiday gift? If so, here is some advice to help you navigate the world of hand-sewn weighted blankets and to help you select just the right one. Weighted blankets are catching on in popularity (think of a bean bag and a blanket combined), and due to their construction they are a higher priced item. So here are some things to consider when purchasing one for a loved one – child, friend, parent or grandparent – to unwrap on that special day.
Sizing is important
A weighted blanket is sewn based on the height and weight of the person it is being purchased. Here is a chart to assist with how to order the proper weight. Weighted blankets come in a variety of sizes and styles, ranging from varying sizes of lap pads, to S-M-L twin sized weighted blankets. Check www.mosaicweightedblankets.com for examples of sizing options that are right for you.
Look for good durability and construction
Look for a weighted blanket constructed with some type of non-toxic beads or poly-pellets. Some manufacturers use poly-fill stuffing along with the pellets to make the blanket pop up more nicely. Weights are evenly distributed and sewn into individual quilting squares, so quality construction using commercial grade materials is the key to durability and comfort. Find a manufacturer that is responsive and will directly answer questions you have about the blanket construction and durability. Ensure that the weighted blanket that you buy can be hand washed or machine washed; that’s important.
Weighted blankets are an investment
Most blankets are custom sewn because they need to be constructed for height and weight; so realize that if you are looking for a $25 weighted blanket, you probably aren’t going to find it. Most weighted blankets range from $89.00 up to around $200. It’s a very nice gift, and one that is being recommended more often to help with health and sleeping issues. You probably won’t be able to find a quality weighted blanket in a retail store; you will find more variety and customization on the web. Find a web storefront with some history. On top of the blanket’s cost, shipping should run about $1.00 per pound.
Look for a fun fabric that matches the personality of the recipient!
There are many beautiful and fun fabrics available for weighted blankets. Are you buying for an adult, teen or child? What colors does the person you are buying for prefer? What color is their room? Do they wear one color a lot? You can be observant and pick up clues of what colors or themes that person likes without giving it away.
Some popular fabrics for kids right now are dinosaurs, aliens, monkeys and pirates. Girls’ patterns include pink camouflage, owls, kitties and skulls. For teens, camouflage, peace signs and skull fabrics are quite popular and available in a number of colors. For men there are solid fabrics and nice plaids, including John Deere fabric. For women, there is a variety of bright or muted colors with themes like birds, flowers, butterflies and plaids available. Solids are favorites too.
A wonderful gift for seniors on your list
Shopping for that hard to buy for older person? A lighter weight blanket (2 to 6 lbs.) can be the perfect gift for a grandparent, other senior in the family or friend. Mosaic Weighted Blankets has a product line of blankets for seniors called, Featherweight Blankets.
Many older people get cold and these blankets are great for keeping someone warm. Weighted blankets also don’t slide off the couch or bed, because they are weighted. People make less melatonin as we age, and the slight pressure therapy of weighted blankets, like a hug or a massage enforces a sense of security and has been shown to stimulate the brain to produce melatonin and serotonin for more solid sleep.
Order early!
Custom orders take at least 2-3 weeks to complete and ship! Because weighted blankets have been growing in popularity, you will notice that most online blanket companies will stop accepting Christmas orders after mid-December. Mosaic Weighted Blankets holiday deadlines are: Dec 10th for regular delivery; Dec 15th for expedited delivery and Dec 18th for local Austin delivery. You can also consider a gift certificate,which will be emailed to you.
For more information on weighted blankets: Contact:info@mosaicweightedblankets.com
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