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"Toxic Skincare (email)"
Example of email regarding toxic skincare, that then linked to an article I wrote, here.
I did this while the affiliate manager and writer for Sexy Younger You global telesummit.

We have the ability to age much better if we are conscientious about what's in our skin care products. R.N.

Dear Diane,

Our blog article this week is all about the "yucky" ingredients in skin care products - what to look out for so you can stay healthy and vibrant.

The “10 Most Yucky Ingredients” That You Don’t Want
in Your Skincare Products
(but that you are likely to find!)

Skin care products are supposed to help us look more beautiful and to stay healthy. That’s why we spend oodles of dollars on them.

But the exact opposite often happens if we’re not careful. They actually age us more quickly, can disrupt hormones and cause skin conditions! And we don’t want anything messing with our hormones.

Here is a quick list of ingredients to look out for right now. Take a quick moment to go get your skin care products…i.e. face products while you go through this list. (Continue article here)

Here are two bonuses for you to learn more

1. Download our quick skin care assessment (HERE) and see how you rate
2. Listen (HERE) to body care expert Jama Russano interviewed by Robin

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