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Let's Build The Smarts Back In Your Teen This Summer!

Every teen loves their smartphone and other mobile devices. But ever feel like the devices are getting smarter than your kids?

Turn the table on that trend by providing your teen with powerful hands-on learning opportunities this summer developing iPhoneR and AndroidTM applications, building robots, developing websites, and completing other technology-based projects. Today’s teens have grown up in the digital age but may still not relate their everyday love of gadgetry to a future technology related career path. And they certainly don’t equate their schoolwork to a career. Have you ever heard, “What does taking math or science at school have to do with real life?” Well, developing a cool app on a smartphone this summer might just ignite a passion in your teen. Kids need to experience the real-world possibilities of technology early on in order to be excited about it. And once excited about it, they may just start to understand the importance of challenging themselves with more STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) experiences and classes throughout middle and high school, better preparing them for the rigors of college.

Meet Joe, a 17-year-old app developer who ignited his passion for programming at an ABC Technical Camp session held at Stanford.

A Sneak Peek at College Life

With our small classes and knowledgeable staff, your teen will find a fun environment focused on beginning to advanced technology topics not typically available in everyday classroom settings. We guarantee just 8 students per instructor, and attendees rate this more personal mentoring from our passionate staff as a BIG plus. Other side benefits include getting a sneak peek at college life while living in the dorms at prestigious university locations and meeting new friends who share common interests.

For help with selecting the right course, please contact a Program Advisor at 1-888-888-8888, and select option 1. You may also reach us via email at info@ABCTechnicalCamp.com.

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