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"Skincare Promo"
This is a draft of promotional email copy that I wrote to be sent out Christmas 2015.
Are your experiencing winterized skin?

We all know that winter weather may leave our skin dull and dry. The stress of the holiday can also contribute to a tired and out-of-balance look.

But I have a secret to bring the moisture and glow back in now!

I use a trio of wonderful natural rejuvenators that keeps my skin invigorated, refreshed and youthful in appearance. And the products are pure and organic, too!

Great skin makes you feel so empowered and fabulous! Doesn't it?

Try this Special Holiday REJUVENATION trio at an amazing holiday price,
Just $49 for the entire set! A savings of $70! (and guess what, FREE SHIPPING within the US, too!)
Simply Buff, Nourish, Mist and Glow!
Buff: Use the Exfoliating Enzyme Scrub to gently slough off dead skin cells and surface debris (yuck) while allowing wonderful (95% organic!) fruit enzymes to soften and refresh your complexion. Pineapple juice, rosemary, aloe vera leaf and minute amethyst crystals will work their magic. It feels so good!

Nourish: Then, apply the Renew and Repair Skin Drops, I call it "liquid gold for my skin", and you will instantly feel nourished. It infuses dehydrated tired skin with a super dose of Vitamin E and CoQ10, improving elasticity, smoothing and reducing inflammation….all while you sleep!

Mist and Glow! And apply the Antioxidant Nourishing Mist anytime throughout the day to add nutrients, restore optimum pH balance, and keep your glow going and glowing! Love this mist! It contains extracts of shiitake, artichoke and noni fruit; sounds so delicious, and your skin will literally “eat it up”, leaving it hydrated, toned and balanced.
So enjoy my secret rejuvenation solution today (all three products)!
Buy the entire set for just $49! With FREE SHIPPING within the US when you order by December 21st! (How is that even possible? Because it is a very, very special holiday offer available to my lovely community for a very limited time...only thru December 21st!). No shipping code required. We ship via Priority Mail.
Check out the testimonials below...women love this line, and it is organic, non-toxic and gluten-free! Read more about toxins found in many skincare products (but not this one!) here...you'll be surprised.
Wishing you a vida pura,

P.S. And because I am totally in the mood to play Santa, I'll also offer you a 50% SAVINGS on the other Sexy Younger You skincare products....yes, all of them! Also with FREE SHIPPING within the US through the 21st!

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P.S.S. Check out these "glowing" testimonials from fans of these skin care products...

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Grab Dr. Anna's skin rejuvenation trio today...with FREE SHIPPING in the US through December 21st!

Be fabulous...feel fabulous!
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