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"PTSD Not Just Combat"
posted May 27, 2013, on Mosaic Weighted Blankets Blog
Mosaic Weighted Blankets Helps A Young Child With PTSD
Susan is a grandmother from California and recently shared this story with Mosaic Weighted Blankets®:
Night Terrors & PTSD:
About 9 months ago Susan’s adult daughter, Sharon, became the foster mom to a 3 year old boy named Joey. Joey continually experienced night terrors; he’d often toss and turn, and wake up throughout the night. Or he would sit up and scream. His night terrors literally kept his family up much of the night. Everyone was suffering from lack of sleep, and even therapy wasn’t helping resolve his flashbacks and night terrors. Surprisingly, Joey was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The family was really struggling.
One night, Joey stayed with his grandmother – as he sometimes did – to give the rest of the family some “sleep respite”. One particular night he asked his grandmother for the heavy quilt blanket that she had used for him on a previous chilly night. She remembers thinking that it was an odd request as it was a warm night, but she dug it out and put it on him. That night, he slept a bit better snuggled up in the heavy quilt. He at least fell to sleep, but did wake up and eventually fall on the floor. His grandmother said that he had to roll over about 5 times in order to have fallen off a double bed. That night, though, he at least didn’t seem terrorized. The quilted blanket had helped. It was at that moment Susan remembered having heard about the use of weighted blankets in autistic children. She thought she’d give it a try as any amount of improvement would be a huge help. She purchased her blanket from Mosaic Weighted Blankets® and gave it to her daughter to try. She didn’t expect much, just hoped there’d be some relief, for the overall family’s sake.
A Weighted Blanket Saves the Day…or, actually…the Night!
The first night Joey used his weighted blanket his night terrors completely stopped. When he later came to visit his grandmother he brought his blanket and slept all night, 10 ½ solid hours, all cocooned up in his blanket. She couldn’t believe it. She said, “We are more than delighted. The blanket has made a huge difference for the entire family; it has given my family back its sleep. If is far beyond anything we could of hoped for. We were stunned.” Now he insists on having his blanket and sleeps soundly through the night.
Susan was so enthusiastic about the results she said, “I wish you could give every family in the country a few of these! For Joey it was a perfect match of what he needed. I know it might not work as well for everyone who has insomnia, but it is worth a try! It increases the serotonin. I think it would be good for anyone with anxiety or insomnia and I am going to recommend it to others.” Susan wanted to share her story because she said the anxiety and insomnia communities need to know about the benefits of a weighted blanket. She said that with all of the spending that people do on sleep-aids and supplements, they should give a weighted blanket a try!
Thanks so much Susan for sharing your great story. PTSD affects an estimated 5.2 million people each year! It is not just a combat soldier’s affliction. More and more people are ordering Mosaic Weighted BlanketsTM to address their PTSD symptoms, which include anxiety, insomnia, nightmares, feelings of detachment and hyper-vigilance.
It is a scary world out there, so it is no wonder that people might be able to benefit from an experience best described as being back in the womb. The deep pressure stimulation that the blankets provide is truly calming to the nervous system and helps people feel secure, grounded and safe.®
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