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"Obama Welcomes Student to White House"
posted in the Evergreen Times
High School Student Wins Invite to Meet President Obama

Congratulations to Silver Creek High School student, Crystal Vo, who won 2nd Runner-Up in the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) National Business Plan Competition held in New York City 2 weeks ago. Along with the recognition of winning this esteem prize, Crystal also won a check for $3,500, two airline tickets from SouthWest Airlines, and an all expenses paid trip to Washington, DC for herself and a parent to meet President Obama in the Oval Office.
About 24,000 students throughout the United States made business plan submissions as part of regional NFTE Business Plan competitions earlier in the year, with only 32 advancing to the National event. Crystal advanced to the Nationals after winning First Place at the Bay Area NFTE Business Plan Competition, held in San Francisco in the Spring. For that win, along with her all expenses paid trip to New York City to participate in the National event, she was awarded $1,500 in prize money.
Crystal’s business plan focused on her proposed cake ball company, Sweet Tooth Bites. The company idea came out of her Silver Creek High School (SCHS) Economics of Business Ownership class assignment: to complete and present a business plan on her own business. Voted as one of two top students in the classroom competition, she then moved on to the NFTE Bay Area Semi-Regional Competition, and then won the Bay Area Finals.
Crystal’s SCHS teacher and NFTE mentor, Ka-Ling Scoppettone, actually was able to accompany and support Crystal at the NYC Nationals. “This has been a wonderful and exciting opportunity for business students. Crystal has worked hard every step of the way and exemplifies our future ambitious young entrepreneur. She did an outstanding job at the NFTE Nationals and I am so proud of her accomplishments. It is truly rewarding to work with such dedicated students.”
The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship organization helps young people build business and communications skills as well as helping them learn to tap into their entrepreneurial creativity. Says Crystal of her NFTE experiences, “When you are given the opportunities, you can accomplish much more than you think you can. This business experience has given me the confidence and belief in myself to build my own future. I can only imagine my future as being my own boss.”
Participation in the NFTE is just one of the many great opportunities available to Silver Creek students as part of its Business program. Congratulations to Crystal and all of the NFTE finalists!
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