Diane Blum

Freelance Writer

"Great America (ad)"
Feel the rumble?
Nothing like a little gravitational pull!

Roller coaster enthusiasts, get ready to feel the rumble, thrill to the speeds and experience the awesome air time of the tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster in Northern California.

Premiering spring of 2013, California’s Great America’s newest attraction provides a 2½ minute heart-pounding ride experience, complete with an initial 103 foot drop, acceleration up to 54 MPH and that exciting weightlessness feel that only the best thrill ride provides. Named the “Gold Striker”, the ride contains many high-speed twists, drops and other exciting features. Riders will face a 174-foot descent tunnel, propelling them downwards in near darkness.

California’s Great America amusement park offers a great family entertainment destination. Enjoy all day family fun including gentle to moderate rides, theater and musical entertainment and delicious foodie treats; a must try is their funnel cake with strawberries and whipped cream topping! Kids of all ages will enjoy riding the world’s tallest double-decker carousel. Get in touch with your kids and your inner kid at Planet Snoopy, providing gentle rides for the little ones and fun interaction with Peanuts-themed characters. Boomerang Bay is a full-size water park within the park providing watery fun for all including, inner-tubing, body slides, rafting and even an ocean-wave pool; don’t forget to bring your swimsuit and towel. For the more adventurous at heart, there are many aggressive thrill rides that seemingly test the laws of physics!

From the moment you go air-borne during that first big drop on the Gold Striker to the lateral gravitational pull during its 80 degree banking turn, roller coaster lovers are sure to enjoy the park’s newest thrill ride! Check out all of the details at www.cagreatamerica.com .
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