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Example of email copy relating to products focused on gluten sensitivity. June 2015. This copy is shown without product photos and live links.
Header: Gluten and gut health, how we’re poisoning our families

Dear ,

Recently I interviewed one of the world’s top experts on autoimmune diseases, gluten sensitivity and gut health, Dr. Tom O’Bryan.

Many of you wrote in and thanked me for the highly informative interview, saying it taught you so much in simple, understandable terms…and that it helped you kick-start the journey to become a health detective and advocate for yourselves, your children and your family relating to gluten and having a healthy microbiome. It isn’t just as simple as taking a probiotic each day.

What we learned was quite shocking.

• That gluten affects everyone (with its health effects depending on one’s existing gut health).
• How gluten affects calcium and vitamin D absorption, creating brittle bones.
• How autoimmune diseases are caused by gluten disorders, and are really the leading cause of death.
• How gluten has been implicated in Alzheimer’s disease, ADHD, a shorter life expectancy and so much more.

So much great foundational information, I know you’ll want to learn even more after viewing it, so I arranged for a special educational package to be made available, to further you on your quest for accurate, science-based information. It includes,

“The Gluten Summit” Over 30 hours of cutting-edge content from experts

Dr. O’Bryan brought together 29 of the world’s leading experts, researchers and practitioners in the first ever, “The Gluten Summit – A Grain of Truth”. Learn from experts in the fields of Celiac Disease, Autoimmune Disease, Neurology, Child Development, and Nutrition.

While it starts in the gut, there are varied manifestations of gluten sensitivity. Hear how it impacts organs and systems across the body including joints, bones, immunity, cardiovascular and brain health. And learn tips relating to daily living, such as the complexities of label reading, the secrets of restaurant ordering and gluten-free diet advice.

GI Shield Specialized Gluten Busting Formula

While you’re on your educational journey to learn about all the hidden sources of gluten (who knew there was gluten in so many things!), we want you to be protected from being inadvertently “Glutened”! So I’ve included a bottle of GI ShieldTM in this offer. GI Shield is a gluten pulverizing formula uniquely designed with powerful digestive enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics to break down gluten proteins*. I now use it when I go to restaurants, where I am often told things are “gluten-free” by the servers, only to find out they aren’t from the chef!

“Unlocking the Mystery of Gluten Related Disorders”

And as a special BONUS I have also asked Dr. O’Bryan to throw in his 2 hour digital DVD,

• Learn how gluten can trigger over 300 autoimmune disorders.
• Learn about the impact of gluten on the brains of our children.

If you have been struggling with health disorders, you owe it to yourself to learn more about gluten and how it impacts your body, your children’s bodies, and the health of all of those who you love.

Due to the overwhelming feedback he received from our community, Dr. O’Bryan has graciously made this package available to you for just $$$$.

Yes, I want the gluten and gut health educational package [affiliate link]

This package price – including 30 hours of The Gluten Summit, the GI Shield, and BONUS 2-Hour digital DVD is at a special savings of $$$$ over regular retail price.

Hundreds of thousands have transformed their lives by learning more about gluten sensitivity.

This is your opportunity to take control of your own health, simply start here. [affiliate link]


P.S. If you didn’t see my interview on Gluten and Gut Health with Dr. O’Bryan, you can still check it out here for free.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease
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