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"Gift of Health"
Ghost-written for SexyYoungerYou.com, Christmas 2014
Give the Gift of Health This Year

We all want our holiday gifts to be “special”. So this year, give your friends and family gifts that help them to feel fabulous! It is easy to do, as we learned from our wonderful Sexy Younger You speakers this year! Each of them offered up some tidbits as to how they stay “Sexy and Young”.

We thought we’d package up just a few of their ideas and suggest some easy – but healthy – gifts from your heart, to your loved ones. Enjoy!


In our interview with Dr. Sara Gottfried we learned that a hot detox bath was one of her favorite ways to reduce stress and keep her SYY on. Soaking in a hot bath with Epsom salt for 20 minutes – just add two cups; it has so many health benefits. It can help to lower blood pressure, relax tired muscles, acts as a gentle detox and gets the body ready for bed. Create a “Hot Detox Bath” gift basket! All you need is Epsom salt, a bottle of organic Lavender oil, a relaxing CD and candle! Plus your loving note. The perfect gift!

Spice Up Your Health!

Know someone who still pours on the vegetable oils, like sunflower, safflower, canola and corn oil? Make them a “Healthy Oil & Spices” gift basket. Provide them with Coconut or Olive Oil, Himalayan Pink Salt; other healing spices such as Cinnamon (an antioxidant, good for balancing blood sugar and good for your bones, according to our speaker, Dr. Susan Brown!), Garlic (antibacterial) and Turmeric (anti-inflammatory). Put the spices in a colander or pretty bowl, throw in a healthy recipe book or better…write out YOUR favorite healthy recipe and include it with a love note.

Kick the Coffee!

Our speakers all agreed how disruptive caffeine and coffee addictions can be to your health and mood. Trudy Scott, the “Food Mood Expert”, suggested that for many people, especially those experiencing anxiety or sleep issues, coffee really needs to be viewed as taboo. She suggested an herbal tea from South Africa called Rooibos tea. This tea boosts your immune system, is rich in minerals, balances your cortisol levels and tastes awesome. Wrap that up with a lovely tea mug! (or better, two mugs, so you can enjoy the tea together)

Get Moving!

So many gift options with the many fitness bracelets and pedometers on the market. Dr. Sarah, Dr. Susanne Bennett and several others (including Robin) love their stand-up desks that help them keep their body moving. Even a table that sits on top of a regular desk can get you standing. Amazon has quite a selection. If you know someone who sits at their job, a great gift is the gift of movement.

Go With Nuts and Nutrients!

So many of our speakers talked about the health benefits of nuts and seeds, along with their favorite “must have” nutrients… from pumpkin seeds (rich in zinc and tryptophan) to Dr. Ritamarie’s fav, Vitamin C. Not just to ward off colds, this anti-inflammatory provides for the collagen production we need for healthy skin, bone, hair and nails! So many women over 50 have thinning hair, and they aren’t getting enough Viamin C!

Dr. Hyla Cass had some simple advice: a good multi-vitamin can do wonders in providing a broad brush of nutrients, a simple example being the mineral chromium, important for blood sugar balance. Fish Oil was also high on her list, as many of our speakers echoed. So create the perfect “Nuts and Nutrients” gift basket: a good multi-vitamin, fish oil, a probiotic, and maybe some digestive enzymes…along with a selection of some tasty almonds, walnuts, pecans, pumpkin and sunflower seeds.


“good multi-vitamin”: http://shop.dfhealthestore.com/complete-multi-copper-iron-free.html

“Fish Oil”: http://shop.dfhealthestore.com/omegavail-ultra-120-softgels.html

“Probiotics”: http://shop.dfhealthestore.com/probiotic-synergy-60-sphere.html

“Digestive Enzymes”: http://shop.dfhealthestore.com/digestzymes-90.html


The Gift of You!

And finally, many of our speakers spoke of the need to give back, to meditate and appreciate…and that focusing on others in loving and giving ways increases beauty, peace and even balanced hormones in your life! What better gift than to give a bit of you to a loved one, friend…or even a community member. Make a homemade coupon that provides a bit of your time or your expertise. And do this with the intent to actually fulfill on that gift. And when the recipient gives you an appreciation hug, that will increase the oxytocin (and decrease your cortisol!) in your own life. Both of you win!

Have a healthy holiday!
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