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"Fitbit Device Measures Improved Sleep with Mosaic Weighted Blankets"
posted Jan 28, 2014 on Mosaic Weighted Blankets
Wearable Fitness Devices Track a Better Night’s Sleep
Poor sleep plagues 40% of adults. Yet, sleep is so fundamental to our overall health; so how can we improve our natural sleep rhythm? Part of the answer is in increasing our awareness of our daily sleeping habits, gaining insights beyond, “I’m not getting enough sleep!”
Today there is a growing market for wearable fitness trackers, devices containing movement detectors which count steps; track calorie consumption and burn; and also, in some cases, detect sleep patterns by tracking movements during sleep.
This sleep tracking is not about “diagnosing” a health issue, but its ongoing data provides an awareness of how much sleep a person is really getting over time; and shows patterns of a person’s activities that promote good versus poor sleep. Such tracking basically provides insights that can help a person be more vigilant about good health habits (stop eating chocolate at night), or could even provide information (waking up 72 times during the night could mean a sleep apnea issue) to take to their physician.
Along with increasing our awareness of potentially poor sleeping habits,improving our body’s ability to relax is key to a better night’s sleep. Laura LeMond started her company, Mosaic Weighted Blankets®, in 2011 to address her own sleep issues, marketing a weighted quilted blanket (think little bean bags sewn together in blanket form). Her weighted blankets have been a popular item for teens and adults with sensory processing disorders, sleep disorders, Fibromyalgia and Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS).
LeMond has received hundreds of testimonials about the benefits of the blankets in reducing anxiety and inducing sleep. And as customers become more tech-savvy in solving their sleeping issues, feedback is now including wearable fitness trackers.
As one customer recently shared with LeMond, “I have been using the FitBit Flex,which registers how much you sleep each night. I am 61, and a Life Long poor, extremely restless, sleeper. Each night registered approximately three hours. My Very First Night, I register 5 Hours! After one week with my Mosaic Weighted Blankets, last night, I registered 7 1/2 Hours! This Blanket is the Miracle I have been looking for. Thank you So Very Much!”
The blankets provide pressure therapy through their “bean bag feel” construction; the calming is similar to why so many people like to be tightly wrapped up in a blanket like a burrito. Pressure therapy, like a massage, is thought to cause the release of serotonin, which is the body’s natural feel-good hormone, in the brain.
Poor sleep is a life-impacting disorder. We overstimulate our minds with electronic devices, the Internet and late night TV. Our sleeping mates snore. We eat or drink too late at night. We stay up too late; get up too early; and are stressed out by family or work. We suffer from anxieties or other health issues impacting our sleep. Frankly, many of us are weary-eyed and sleep-deprived.
Says LeMond, “I have so many customers who end up buying blankets for multiple family members, and who tell me they are all getting improved sleep. Occupational Therapists have recommended weighted blankets, research has supported their therapeutic effect, and now the hottest new products in the market, like FitBit, are demonstrating how my blankets can be helping to provide natural sleep benefits.”
So come on everybody, grab your blanket and get a good night’s sleep!
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