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"Silicon Valley Engineering Hall of Fame"
posted 2013 in Almaden Times
Almaden Resident Inducted into Silicon Valley Engineering Hall of Fame

Much is in the news these days about the need for the U.S. to better engage students early on in their education with a thirst for technology, math, science and engineering. One local organization that makes this a major part of its mission is the Silicon Valley Engineering Council (SVEC). The SVEC is a non-profit educational organization, an umbrella organization of engineering societies, encompassing some 60,000 engineers, scientists and technologists in the Greater Bay Area. Their focus is to increase community exposure to the positive benefits of educational activities and careers in engineering and technology, as well as to sponsor specific engineering educational activities at both the K-12 and college level.
The SVEC mission also includes actively promoting community service by its membership, and it sponsors the Silicon Valley Engineering Hall of Fame to recognize key contributions to the engineering profession coupled with excellence in community service. For 2012, Dr. Sam Haddad, a long-time resident of Almaden, has been honored as one of three selected Silicon Valley Engineering (SVE) Hall of Fame inductees. Previous recipients include notables such as Dr. William Hewlett, David Packard, Russell and Sigurd Varian, Esther Williams and Steve Wozniak.
Dr. Haddad began his engineering career at Southampton University with a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical/aero engineering and later earned a Ph.D. in vibration and acoustics. He has over 40 years’ experience in his field, and has been a consulting professor of electrical engineering at Stanford University since 1990. During the span of his academic career, he advised over 60 Ph.D. and MS graduates. He was President of the SVEC for two years as well as a past chairman of ASME and SAE chapters. Dr. Haddad is Founder, President and CEO of HTCS Consulting Company. In this capacity, Dr. Haddad has partnered with Silicon Valley venture capitalists and angel investors to evaluate start-ups and early stage companies. Additionally, he is responsible for the west coast operations of MetaOption LLC, a software development company that also develops mobile applications focused on automating and streamlining business processes such as ordering and inventory systems.
During his acceptance speech for his prestigious honor, Dr. Haddad thanked, “inspirational teachers, great mentors” – including Lew Platt, former CEO of Hewlett Packard – “and superior role models”, which along with his own perseverance and some luck had allowed him to have an amazing life’s journey from humble beginnings as a public school student in Iraq. At the Hall of Fame award banquet, held last February, Dr. Haddad offered this advice to young college technology graduates in the audience, “implement your acquired engineering knowledge with dedication, develop close relationships, serve your professional association and give back to the community at large. By the way, these are also the SVEC guidelines for selecting Hall of Famers!”
The Silicon Valley Engineering Council maintains an informative website at www.svec.org . Hall of Fame recipient information from 1990 thru 2012 can be found on the site, and is an interesting read. While many names may be relatively unknown, by perusing this distinguished list of scientists, engineering greats and technologists, you will learn a lot about the incredible diversity of science and technology “history” that has occurred here within the Bay Area. Congratulations to Dr. Sam Haddad and all of the other Silicon Valley Engineering Hall of Fame inductees.
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