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How To Be A Better Business Leader.

Successful business leaders focus on three things to achieve productivity and financial results:
• A Common Understanding of company priorities and core competencies

• Connectedness with employees, customers and markets

• Continuous Process Improvement
A Common Understanding
All successful leaders manage their businesses to a plan, but it is the execution of the plan that will make or break your business. Everyone must understand company priorities and its “distinctive competencies”; and be held accountable to executing on them. What is your priority, an existing customer’s satisfaction or capturing a new market opportunity? Does your company even have the skills, flexibility and solution to capture that new opportunity? Does everyone in your company know the answer to that? Too often, in an attempt to gain new revenue, companies do not retain their core focus.
With Employees
The most important part of any company is its employees. Inwardly focused communication creates empowerment, synergy and productivity leverage. Create a culture that values and rewards every employee as part of your team.
With Customers
And recognize that good communication is not one way! Feedback and constant re-evaluation of your company through the eyes of your customers is paramount to retaining them and growing their business.
With Markets
Know what your competition is doing. Connect with them through trade associations, hiring their employees, talking with their customers and more.
Continuous Process Improvement
Process improvement may not sound sexy, but it is key to obtaining results and ensuring your company’s reputation stays intact. Ongoing re-evaluation or “root-cause analysis” of problems will provide you with greater ability to ensure customer satisfaction along with greater cost and productivity efficiencies.
Improved leadership, achieving planned results and ultimately profits can be accomplished by your ongoing focus and commitment to these three areas.
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