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"Casino M8Trix"
posted 2012 in Silicon Valley Label Magazine
Anticip8 the Destination. Feel the Energy. Play to Win. Stay for the Fun.

Silicon Valley Label Magazine recently caught up with Eric Swallow, Founder and Co-Owner of San Jose’s new Casino M8trix. We asked Eric a few questions relating to what his sci-fi looking addition to San Jose’s skyline was all about.
Q: What do you want Silicon Valley to know about Casino M8trix?
A: Eric was very clear about his vision for Casino M8trix as an upscale destination of choice, “for people to meet friends, hang-out and have a good time…with the gambling being part of an overall entertainment experience”. Other featured amenities include its Noodle Ba restaurant, their high-end Epic Bar, the Zone 8 Sports Bar & Grill, boutique karaoke, event/private party space and more. The atmosphere is luxurious, with many high-tech touches. Extravagance abounds throughout the building’s design and accommodations.
Q: How is Casino M8trix unique?
A: Just one example is the Zone 8 Sports Bar. “Casino M8trix will provide unique, live sporting events, 24x7,” so European and Australian events, anywhere really, can be seen live, kicking back with a few friends. There is an incredible offering of high definition television viewing (they have two 220” HD TVs and some thirty-five 65” HD LED TVs), each table providing a personal programming choice with its own audio speakers.
Q: Do we need another gambling destination in Silicon Valley?
A: Eric’s enthusiastic response: “Whether you gamble or not there is a certain energy that is created by being around it, an excitement… you can’t find that elsewhere in Silicon Valley or even nearby. We’re creating the atmosphere of some of the best Vegas casino entertainment destinations, but on a smaller scale.” It’s just fun to be around. Eric went on to say he wanted Silicon Valley residents to have that type of destination close to home, and the two existing card houses did not even come close. One of those, Garden City, is also closing. Casino M8trix will feature 10 card games, for expert and novice play, including several poker games (limit and no limit), baccarat and 21.5 blackjack. The casino floor space is an expansive 55,000 square feet.
Q: How will San Jose benefit from Casino M8trix?
A: The city currently earns around $15 million in tax revenue from the two existing card clubs. Eric feels that, “Casino M8trix can bring in another $3 million on top of that”, as well as provide some 700 jobs for the city (300 new jobs, and they have hired many of the Garden City employees). Tourism will also benefit. “We’re near the airport, hotels, and many destination businesses” in Silicon Valley; our venue creates, “an entertainment opportunity for business travelers to find a great atmosphere, relax and further enjoy their visit, 24x7.”
Q: How will residents benefit from Casino M8trix?
A: Providing revenue to the city is one thing, but Eric seemed much more excited about how the people who come to Casino M8trix, his customers, will benefit from having an entertainment center like his, so centrally located. He said, “We’re near 101, near businesses. People can come over for lunch or grab a beer and dinner after work. Meet friends, play some cards or just enjoy some great food.” He said there are over 200 menu options, and kids are even allowed in the sports bar grill. The menu range is fantastic, providing burgers, its pick and choose noodle bar, extraordinary appies, as well as upscale steak house fare.
Q: When will you be opening?
A: Casino M8trix will be opening in early summer. We at SVLM can’t wait to check it out! Total anticip8’ion!
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