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"After Hours Healthcare"
published Mar 2014 on the cover of Silver Creek Spotlight Magazine
Welcome to Evergreen’s Own “After Hours Healthcare”
It is late afternoon on a Friday when Dr. Richard Adrouny arrives at the new After Hours Healthcare facility in Evergreen. The medical facility provides immediate medical care to walk-in patients, as well as scheduled appointments. The clinic offers extended hours, including evenings and weekends; providing immediate medical care to patients with time sensitive medical issues, that while not life-threatening, still need to be addressed.
The doctor’s first patient is a woman with a 2-day old cat bite. Her doctor’s office is not open on Fridays or weekends, and her wound now appears to be infected. She had decided to try out After Hours Healthcare (AHH) thinking the wait and the cost would be much better than traveling to the nearest ER. And she was right. After a 10 minute wait she meets with Dr. Adrouny, who after examining the bite, prescribes an antibiotic and tetanus shot. There is even time to share a few funny cat stories. Thirty minutes later, the woman is on her way.
The next patient has brought in his kids for flu shots. AHH has been providing $5 flu shots for months as a service to its new community. As that family leaves a man enters the lobby with a large gash on his hand, received while playing softball in his company’s recreational league. The man was trying out AHH after a previous nightmare experience – waiting 6 hours in the ER for some earlier needed stitches. Saying about the previous ER experience, “My condition was less severe than the other patients in the (ER) waiting room,” so he had had to just keep waiting.
All of these patients successfully avoided long waits at the ER while receiving quality care at a reasonable cost, and when they needed it. And that is the goal of the family-owned clinic: To provide high quality medical care when a patient needs it, on their schedule. And to provide heart-felt care as part of the local community, truly treating their patients like family. And patients have responded well to After Hours Healthcare’s philosophy. The first clinic, established in Los Gatos in 2010 gets consistently high reviews from the community. Even local physicians are now referring patients to AHH because they understand the value that such a service provides when they themselves can’t be available to their patients.
The facility’s founder, Dr. A. Richard Adrouny, has been a practicing Oncologist-Hematologist in Los Gatos for over 25 years. He created the After Hours Healthcare vision after seeing that his own oncology patients had few options for convenient (locally based, short wait times, and extended availability after hours and on weekends) and more affordable after hours care; most having to opt for the closest hospital ER, even for non-life-threatening issues.
Says Adrouny, “We began with the notion that healthcare doesn’t have a 9-5 schedule and that people would appreciate the opportunity to be seen on a schedule that was more convenient to their personal, family or professional needs. We tried to extend the concept of experienced, friendly and personal care that was affordable, along with the after hours availability. People really seem to have responded to that.”
The AHH staff is comprised of board certified physicians and medical assistants with over 150 years of combined medical experience. The supporting staff is also very friendly and professional. AHH’s services include, but are not limited to: physicals, immunizations, family practice, pediatrics (no infants), internal medicine, wellness, STD tests and wound care. The clinic can take care of insect bites, allergic reactions, lacerations, minor injuries, sinus infections, bladder infections and more.
The After Hours Healthcare facility has started using ZocDoc, an online scheduling system, for those patients desiring an appointment versus walk-in visit. This provides additional flexibility for many patients. Dr. Adrouny and his staff feel this option will be particularly convenient for those patients not having a current Primary Care Physician, for their routine ongoing medical care.
Cosmetics/Dermatology Services
AHH also provides customized skin care treatment plans specifically related to aging skin, acne, cyst flare ups and pigmentation issues. BOTOX treatment for fine lines and wrinkles is available, as well as a variety of small procedures, such as: skin tag removal, cyst injections, evaluation/biopsy of skin lesions and liquid nitrogen treatment for precancers and warts. Directing the skin care practice is Kirk Churukian, MD, FACS who has been a local practicing physician for over 20 years, and will be offering cosmetic surgery consultations as well. Shilpa Vichare, MS PA-C has been a practicing Physician Assistant since 1999 and has over 10 years of experience in all aspects of skin related conditions and facial rejuvenation techniques. These services are currently available Tuesday and Thursday evenings, by appointment or walk-in. Please call for additional information.
Future services include a membership program which will allow individuals, couples and families the option to access unlimited care at AHH clinics for a nominal monthly fee. Join the company’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/AfterHoursHealthcare) to be kept posted on news.
After Hours Healthcare in Evergreen is located at 2060 Aborn Road, Suite 125. Their phone number is 408-531-1200. Their website is www.AfterHoursHealth.com. The facility is open daily, Monday-Friday from 5pm-10pm and Saturday-Sunday from 9am-5pm. The hours will expand over the next few months. AHH accepts all major forms of insurance, with the exception of HMOs and straight Medi-Cal. They also accept Medicare.
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